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Photo Albums 2012-2013

Playground Cleanup
3rd Grade Salmon Festival
Kinder Tree Walk
Pacific Science Center
Larsen Parent Read-In & Halloween Celeb
Arredondo's Halloween Activities
Veteran's Day
Kendama Klub
Larsen Holiday Breakfast
Christmas Giving at Washington
Boyle's Gingerbread Men
Clayson's Gingerbread Men
Larsen Valentine's Read-In
Washington Singers
Read Across America
Math Olympics
Williams' Christmas Carol
1st Grade Saddlerock Hike
Huson's Marble Experiments
Photo Albums 2011-2012
Students of the Month
2nd Grade Apple Adventures
3rd Grade Salmon Festival
5th Grade Beauty of Bronze
Beauty Of Bronze Sculptures
Kindergarten Tree Walk
Make A Difference Day
Halloween in Kindergarten
Halloween in Ms. Larsen's Class
Home Depot & Mrs. Huson's Class
Fundraiser Top Sellers Limo Ride
Turkey Time - McGinnis & Knell's Class
Thanksgiving Buddies
WECARE Sports Activities
Holiday Feast in Ms. Larsen's Class
Making Cookies-Clayson & Gaytley
4th Grade Spelling Champs
Mrs. Gaytley's Class Activities
Read Across America Day
Math Olympics Awards
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